Participation Credits

CIMeC PhD Students are part of a community. As such, voluntary and proactive participation in the Center’s activities is considered key in becoming a researcher. The participation/community service can be intended as, but not limited to, the following: assisting and organizing lab tours, DS Day organization, CIMeC event planning, Researchers’ Night, Orientation/Open Days, journal clubs, assisting visiting professors, etc. New opportunities for participation will be circulated by email, with ‘opportunities for participation’ marked in the subject line. The credits earned for this requirement amount to 4 hours per year. 

Note: sitting in on exams is not considered participation, nor is helping Triennale or Magistrale students with their theses.


Here are a few ways to earn Participation credits:

1) DS Day (4 PhD students act as abstract reviewers, 2 PhD students help out planning and on the day of the event)

2) Orientation (giving tours of CIMeC facilities to groups)

3) New cohort introductions (ideally 2 PhD students from each CIMeC location: Manifattura, Mattarello, Fedrigotti, Cerin), typically in the first week of November each year.

4) Brown Bag organization 

5) Data preparation for CIMeC's open science project (contact: vittorio.iacovella@unitn.it) ***NEW***

6) Book purchases for the campus's library (contact: moritz.wurm@unitn.it and stefania.bracci@unitn.it)***NEW***

7) Act as representative for CIMeC's PhD program when we have inquiries from potential candidates

8) Speak at CIMeC'S Open Day

9) Be your cohort's PhD student representative

10) Be PhD student representative for all CIMeC PhD Students

11) CIMeC PhD Colloquium Committee (reserved for 3rd- and 4th-yr PhD students)

12) Contact phd.cimec@unitn.it should you still be out of ideas!




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