Booking system and charging of costs

To book Facilities, CLARA (CIMeC Laboratory Agenda and Research Accounting) is available, accessible with the University's credentials. 
CLARA is a web-based software that enables user accreditation, Facilities booking, tracking of user requests and reporting of Facilities costs.
Bookings can be made during the Facility's normal opening hours: in Mattarello Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and TBS lab at CeRiN (named 'neurostimulation') Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Only those users involved in an active project employing stimulation techniques and who have completed the mandatory training to access the laboratory may book TBS Facility spaces and instruments.

A researcher with level-2 access (expert user) may book only the laboratories and instruments necessary for the method entered in the project as indicated in the table below. If the project envisages use of multiple methods, the instruments relative to all methods envisaged can be booked.



Laboratories available for reservation
  • TBS1-TBS room 1
  • TBS2-TBS room 2
  • (Neurostimulation (Rovereto-CeRiN))
  • TBS1-TBS room 1
  • TBS2-TBS room 2
  • (Neurostimulation (Rovereto-CeRiN))
Instruments available for reservation
  • X100-Magpro X100
  • New X100n-Magpro X100
  • CMP-Magpro Compact
  • SR2-Magstim Super Rapid 2
  • BISTIM-Magstim Bistim
  • STNS-Neuronavigator SofTaxic
  • Portable EEG_P-EEG
  • GTEC_P-System EEG g.tech.
  • EEGN1-EEG Neurone
  • tDCS1.mat-Electrical stimulator Brainstim 1
  • tDCS2.mat-Electrical stimulator Brainstim 2
  • STNS-Neuronavigator SofTaxic
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 3
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 4
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 5
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 6
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 7
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 8
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 9
  • Electrical stimulator Brainstim 10
  • Portable EEG_P-EEG
  • GTEC_P-System EEG g.tech.
  • EEGN1-EEG Neurone


Both laboratories (TBS1, TBS2 and the neurostimulation laboratory at CeRiN) may be booked, but the researcher must book only the one at which the setting has been prepared by agreement with the Lab Manager. 

The instruments to be used (electrical stimulator, magnetic stimulator, neuronavigation system, etc.) must be entered on the booking page, even if the instruments to be used are in a different laboratory.

The Facility reserves the right to cancel the booking when an instrument needs to be repaired or maintained or when Facility staff is unexpectedly unavailable.

The number of hours booked must be limited to the time necessary to carry out the study described. 

To guarantee a fair distribution of bookings and to avoid excessive use of resources by one research group to the detriment of others, the TBSLab cannot be booked for more than 6 hours per day, nor for more than 5 consecutive working days. Special requirements that exceed these limits or that require access to the TBSLab on non-working days and/or outside normal Facility opening hours must be requested well in advance (at least 3 working days) from the TBSLab Facility staff, who can decide whether or not to authorise such use.

Use of the TBSLab Facility laboratories and/or equipment incurs costs, which can be consulted on request.

A booking can be cancelled with no charge, up to 3 days in advance (i.e. at least 72 hours before the period booked). Cancellations less than 72 hours in advance will still incur charges, even if the cancellation is due to a lack of available volunteers, the volunteer not passing medical screening or the volunteer not attendind the experiment.

The cost of the slots booked will not be charged if the experiment cancellation is instead due to equipment failure.


BEFORE you test your subject in a new project we request investigators to verify subject compliance to stimulation guidelines.


  • The Principal Investigator of an approved project is responsible for:
    • Pre-screening volunteers to minimize the chance of rejections due to safety/incompatibility
    • Recruiting volunteers for his/her research project consistent with the procedures described in the corresponding project approved by the Ethical Committee
    • Organizing volunteers transportation, reimbursement and training.

For questions or any difficulties in booking the laboratory and / or equipment write an email to tbslab.cimec@unitn.it

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