Laboratories for Functional Neuroimaging (LNiF)

Main Contacts

CIMeC Director

Carlo Miniussi
Carlo Miniussi - direttorecimec at unitn.it

MRI Lab Coordinator

jorge.jovicich at unitn.it

MEG Lab Coordinator

daniel.baldauf at unitn.it

TBS Lab Coordinator

Carlo Miniussi
carlo.miniussi at unitn.it

Computational analysis Lab
avesani at fkb.ue

Medical Physicist responsible for safety

Nicola Pace
nicola.pace at unitn.it

IT Manager

stefano.tessari at unitn.it

Administration Manager

sabrina.adamoli at unitn.it

General Inquires
CIMeC - University of Trento
via delle Regole, 101 - 38123 Mattarello (TN) - Italy
phone: +39 0461 283080 - fax: +39 0461 283066 - e-mail: cimec at unitn.it


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