Welcome to the Baby Lab Wiki

CIMeC’s Baby Lab facility provides optimal conditions for designing and performing a wide variety of behavioural and electrophysiological studies on infants within the first two years of life. For this purpose, the Baby Lab hosts a behavioural set up and an EEG setup specifically designed for welcoming very young infants with their parents/carers in a comfortable and reassuring context, and at the same time for providing researchers all the state-of-the-art hardware and software tools to optimally perform their studies.

This Baby Lab Wiki is dedicated to guide Baby Lab users through all the available resources, and to provide all the necessary training to optimally and correctly use them. The aim is to train researchers to autonomously run their studies by properly using all the resources while assuring to the participants and their carers the maximum comfort during their visit. The Baby Lab Wiki also includes the administrative procedure necessary for accessing and using the lab, and standard and in-house software tools to analyse the developmental data.

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