Booking system and charging of costs

Users approved for access (for information on the rules of access, see here) can use the laboratories and/or instruments of the BabyLab Facility only by reservation.

Bookings can be made for normal Facility opening hours. To book, access CLARA online at CIMeC and using university credentials here:


The BabyLab booking page has two options: behavioural studies or EEG studies.

The number of hours booked must be limited to the time necessary to carry out the study described in the associated project.

To guarantee a fair distribution of bookings and to avoid excessive use of resources by one research group to the detriment of others, the BabyLab cannot be booked for more than 6 hours per day, nor for more than 5 consecutive working days. Special requirements that would exceed these limits or that require access to the BabyLab on non-working days and/or outside normal Facility opening hours must be requested in advance (at least 3 working days) from the BabyLab Facility staff, which can decide whether or not to authorise such use.

Use of the BabyLab Facility laboratories and/or equipment has a cost, listed online (add link).

A booking can be cancelled up to 3 days in advance (i.e. at least 72 hours before the start of the period booked) with no charge. Once the deadline for cancelling the booking has passed, the hours booked will be charged, even if the cancellation is due to the lack of available volunteers or if volunteers fail to come to the experiment. There will be no charge if the experiment cancellation is due to equipment failure.


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