Student Handbook, Guide and Regulations

 2021-2022 Student Handbook Image 2021 2022 Student Handbook
 (ENG) 2021-2022 Student Services Short Guide Image Quick Guide To Student Services 2021 2022 ENG
(ITA) 2021-2022 Student Services Short Guide Image Guida Servizi Agli Studenti 2021 2022 IT
Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences Regulations Image 4. Regolamento Interno CBS 03.04.2019
UNITN Doctorate Regulations Image ENG REGOLAMENTO 2016 DEF
45/2013 Italian  Doctorate Ministerial Decree (up to 37th cycle) Image DM Decree 45 2013
226/2021 Italian Doctorate Ministerial Decree (from the 38th cycle) Linee Guida n. 301/22 Doctorate Accreditation 
Doctorate's Student Honor Code Image CBS Doctorate Student Honor Code
PhDigital Guidelines (work-in-progress) Image Guidelines For PhDigital
Regolamento missioni di ateneo (only Italian) Image Regolamento Missioni Con Note Operative Da 01.09.2015






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