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This page presents a CIMeC repository with interesting documents or suggestions, for e-class teaching. If you would like to suggest links to documents, web pages or anything else that you consider useful to share with colleagues, your contribution is more than welcome. Write to Raffaella Bernardi

UniTN resources and courses about e-learning

Simple tools: more interactivity 

Software for videos


  • For seminar courses:

Perusall: How to flip your classroom when the world is flipping out - Webinar by Eric Mazur

  • For computational labs:

Google colab for sharing Jupyter Notebooks. It’s like Google Docs for python code. They appear in your Google Drive and you can share them easily. Students can run code from their browsers, comment on the code, ask questions etc. but limited use of GPUs (https://colab.research.google.com/notebooks/intro.ipynb)

If you need more, you can apply for a Google Cloud Platform Educational Grant (Google Cloud Platform Education Grants page.) A colleague of mine has received vouchers of 50$ for students and 100$ for lecturer and TA.

Best Practices


MOOC courses

Webinar about Zoom (tbc)

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