Laboratories for Functional Neuroimaging (LNiF)

Procedures for lab access requests

Access to the various LNiF labs is managed to ensure efficient and safe use of the infrastructures for research. These procedures also help the CIMeC Director and the Scientific Evaluation Committees make informed choices regarding the allocation of limited resources.

  • For Grant Applications

When planning grant applications in which researchers anticipate access/use of the MR/MEG/TMS lab facilities, you are requested to send the complete grant draft to the corresponding Lab Coordinators at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline for a feasibility evaluation and confirmation.

  • For internal Research Projects

If a Principal Investigator of a research project will need access to one (or several) of the Laboratories for Functional Neuroimaging, then that individual should follow the lab-specific requirements, as indicated below.

  • Lab Access Mandatory Requirements
    • to be present in the UNITN personnel database ADA (refers to ADMIN)
    • you must have taken and passed the Course on Health and Safety in the workplace:

  • Experiment Payment Request form - instructions

Following are the instructions (istruzioni) to help researchers to correctly fill in the form to reimburse their volunteers.

  • Labs access after-hours

After having agreed upon the after-hours use of the laboratory with the lab's staff, you have to follow the following rules: Labs Access after-hour (ITA + EN version)
As indicated in the above document, remember to provide the necessary data to the CIMeC administration at least the day before the experimental session.

For more information please contact: valeria.nencini at unitn.it

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