Overview of required steps

The Principal Investigator (PI) of a project requesting access to the MR Lab is responsible for completing the following steps:

1) Prepare and hold a Project Proposal Presentation (PPM) for the MRI Lab Director (LD), the Expert Responsible for the Safety of MRI Lab (ERS) and the Physician Responsible for the Activity on the Subjects (MRS).
If the project includes the use of equipment, protocols or volunteers that are not standard, then the project will be further evaluated by the Expert Responsible and the Physician Responsible. Before submission to the Ethical Committee, the project has to be approved by internal commission (LD. ERS, MRS)

2) Send the form of request for approval (Applying for ethical approval /Reserved area) to cimec at unitn.it at least 1 week before the foreseen submission to the Ethical Committee. Only after having received this document the Secretariat will make the Director sign the attachment Dichiarazione di disponibilità di tempo, risorse e personale per condurre la ricerca da parte del responsabile del progetto. If you haven’t your own funds to reimburse volunteers, add also a request to obtain CIMeC funds.

3) Obtain Ethical Committee Approval for the project.

4) Complete MR Safety Training and Medical Visits (when necessary) for the personnel who will work in the MRI Lab.

5) Communicate to Ehtical Committe and Admin the starting date of your project.

6) Send Ethical Committee and Admin updated versions in case of request for extensions or project's changes (involved people, n. of subjects...).

  • If you are going to change the PI of your project you have to:

- send an e-mail in which you inform the Committee of the new PI of the protocol;
- attach the signed Modulo per la richiesta di sostituzione del Responsabile del progetto.

  • The LNiF PI (when a new member of the research group doesn't belong to UNITN) or the PI of the project (when a member of the research group finished his/her relationship with UNITN) must sign the Relationship with UNITN Form that is necessary to know if the person is authorized to attend our labs or if still needs to have access to our labs.

7) After the end of the project, show the scientific results of the research project, by handing in a written report and by giving a presentation Project Results Presentation (PRP).


Procedure outcomes

Once the procedure for MRI Lab access is successfully completed, PI and his/her research group obtain the following:

  • MRI Lab Access

  • Subscription to: lnif-mri-users at list.cimec.unitn.it. The purpose of this email list is to share information relevant to all MRI system users at LNiF, including MR scheduling issues, announcing cancellations, MR hardware problems, operation and programming of stimulation equipment, discussion about MR protocols and designs.

  • Access to the volunteers database: the Principal Investigator gets access to the volunteer database.

  • Access to the CIMeC Data Retrieval System (CDRMS): project members get access to the data retrieval system) that allows them to download data (requires to be inside UNITN's network). Read this for detailed instructions.


Administration and Help

  • The Center for Brain/Mind Sciences will keep records of all investigators certified to attend the MR area including:
    • Project Proposal Forms
    • Slides for Project Proposal Presentation
    • Medical Certificates
    • Certification of MR Safety course
    • Authorisation to the access to the MR area form.
    • Ethical Committee Documentation (final approval and statement of project start)
    • Slides for Project Results Presentation and a written report.

For more information please contact: valeria.nencini at unitn.it

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