Incoming Internships HowTo for tutors

Internship types

- Curricular

- Non-professional postgraduate (within 12 months of graduation): must be remunerated and the CIMeC does not have the necessary resources to host it

- Professional (TPV - Tirocinio Pratico Valutativo aimed at registering with the Register of Psychologists): the Tutor must have been registered with the Register of Psychologists, section A since a minimum number of years that can change from University to University (in some cases 2 years, in other cases 3 years…). According to the new legislation, professional internships cannot be carried out at the university to which the trainee belongs; besides part of the internship is carried out in public or private health facilities accredited and contracted with the National Health Service or, if not possible, in other external bodies affiliated with Universities.The candidate, therefore, has to check in advance with his/her University if CIMeC is considered an accredited body for professional trainings.

- Erasmus


Types of trainees

- CIMeC Master Student: application - reference 

- UniTrento student: application 

- Non-UniTrento student: application - reference: the administration of the PI office

Erasmus student: application - reference: mobility-cs@unitn.it and the administration of the PI office


  • If a PI makes arrangements with a candidate to activate an internship at the CIMeC, the steps to take are as follows:

1) have the candidate fill in the online application according to the deadlines indicated in https://www.cimec.unitn.it/en/202/internship-at-the-cimec;

2) keep in touch with the administration of your office (grazia.gambardella@unitn.it, leah.mercanti@unitn.it, valeria.nencini@unitn.it; laura.tovazzi@unitn.it) to define:

a) any support in compiling the documentation (Internship Project). The PI is kindly requested to delivery to the administration a signed copy of the Internship Project for its conservation;b) the logistical and technical aspects (date of arrival, IT needs, definition of the training courses necessary for the internship ...).We kindly ask to contact the administration with an appropriate timing according to the candidate's origin (e.g. for students of UniTrento the time required for bureaucratic formalities are shorter than those for students of other Italian or foreign universities).

  • In the case of a candidate who has not made previous agreements:

in the online application the candidate can indicate a maximum of three internship projects, in order of preference.

The administration will forward the request to the PI of the first project chosen to have the availability to welcome the trainee. If the PI cannot accept the request, it will be forwarded to the PI of the second project chosen and so on. 


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