Procedures to access to the lab

For general access see Mandatory Requirements at LNiF general access rules

The lab is open only during office hours (8-18 in Mattarello and 9-17 in CERiN). The lab can be accessed by users holding a valid University badge with the necessary authorizations; in particular, it is mandatory for anyone accessing the lab to have successfully accomplished the "Course on Health and Safety in the workplace" of University of Trento. Users (Researchers and PhD students) are allowed to access instruments only after appropriate (mandatory) training about TMS & TES procedures and lab rules. To access, the TBS lab, without supervision it is necessary to have a basic life support (BLS) certification. Bachelor and master students are not allowed to work in the facility unattended.


The person who practically delivers spTMS, ppTMS, rTMS and TES does not need to be a medical professional (MD) or a specialized technician.
TMS or TES must only be performed by researchers who have trained in its delivery and who maintain an appropriate level of skill through the regular practice of TMS or TES. Morever to use TMS, they must have undergone a training on the management of medical emergencies: a Basic Life Support (BLS) course.
Such courses are organized by a specialised company, in agreement with the Responsible of the lab and with Valeria Nencini valeria.nencini@unitn.it from the CIMeC administration.

Only if you meet all access criteria, you can require the access to the TBS lab, writing to tbslab.cimec@unitn.it

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