Access Rules and mandatory training


General rules

Before accessing the Facility, all users must complete the general safety and privacy training provided online by UNITN:

Users must also complete specific training depending on the methodology to be used in the study.

Access to the TBS Facility and its equipment is regulated on two levels:

  • Level-1 Non-expert user TMS and/or TES

Level-1 access authorisation grants access to all premises of the Facility and equipment but only when supervised by a level-2 user (expert user).

To obtain level-1 authorisation, a user must first satisfy all general criteria governing access to CIMeC facilities (see above).

Specific training (with final test) on procedures, laboratory practices and safety of equipment and participants is also required (available soon). 

Passing TBS training on the TMS and/or tES method must be recorded in CLARA by the Lab Manager and has unlimited validity.

  • Level-2 Expert user TMS and/or TES

Authorisation of level-2 access allows access to the Facility premises and equipment autonomously (with accompanying activation of the electronic badge for access to laboratories).

To obtain level-2 authorisation, general training must be completed and TBS training passed (available soon) and entered into CLARA by the Lab Manager; this has unlimited validity.

A practical test on TMS and/or tES methods must be passed. This consists of a demonstration of having the practical skills to use the methods autonomously and is carried out under the supervision of the Facility Manager; this is then entered into CLARA by the Lab Manager and has unlimited validity.

For TMS use only, a Basic Life Support (BLS) course must also be passed, which has validity for 5 years.

Regardless of training, bachelors/Master’s/students or post-graduate trainees with a traineeship of less than 6 months or without specific experience,cannot obtain level 2 authorisation.
If methods are not used for more than 3 years, the researcher must recertify as a TBS expert user and authorisation may be given only after a practical assessment by the Lab Manager.

TBS expert user status can be suspended at any time at the discretion of Facility staff. Suspension entails the disabling of autonomous access and is entered into CLARA. To regain TBS expert user status, the user must complete the steps described under the heading, “Recertification“Recertification of TBS expert user”.

Access to the Facility may be suspended if health situations or situations of clear risk should emerge, as envisaged by current regulations governing safety at work.

The table below summarises the mandatory training for the various access levels as well as the period for which each course remains valid:


UNITN health and safety course

Medium risk course

BLS course

TMS theory course

TMS practical part

tES theory course

tES practical part



5 years

5 years





Level 1 - Non expert user - TMS

Level 2 - Expert User - TMS

Level 1 - Non expert user - TES

Level 2 - Expert User - TES

*=recertification of TBS expert user required if methods are not used for more than 3 years

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