The equipment is located in the laboratories at LNiF in Mattarello (Trento) and CeRiN Rovereto.


  • TMS

2 Magpro X100 stimulator
1 Magpro Compact stimulator
Related coils: 1 MC-B70 Butterfly, 1 C-B70 Butterfly, 1 MCF-P- B65 Butterfly, 2 MCF-B65 Butterfly cooled, 2 MC-B65-HO-2 Butterfly, 2 C-B60 Butterfly and 2 MC-B35 Butterfly.

1 Magstim Super Rapid(CeRiN)

1 Magstim Rapid 4 boosters stimulator (CeRiN)
1 Magstim Bistim (two 200 units) stimulator
Related coils: 1 Double Cone Coil 110mm, 2 Double 70mm Alpha Coil (1 LNiF, 1 CeRiN), 1 Alpha Branding Iron Range Coil 25mm, 2 Alpha Coil Flat Range 50mm, and 2 adapters to old-model coils.

  • TES

1 Eldith Plus Neuroconn for tDCS, tRNS, and tACS (fMRI compatible) 
12 BrainStim for tDCS, tRNS, and tACS


2 Softaxic Neuronavigation system (1 LNiF, 1 CeRiN)

EEG, EMG, ECG, ERG recordings:

2 4-channel amplifiers CED
2 4-channel analog to digital converter CED
1 2-channel Signal wireless system Mobimini.

Nerve stimulators:

2 digitimer DS7AH constant current stimulator

TMS-fMRI TMS-EEG equipment:

1 EEG system with 64 Channels and EXG 8 bipolar Channels Brainamp fMRI and TMS compatible, Brainvision software
1 EEG system with 80 Channels (active or passive) and 8 bipolar Channels gtec TMS compatible, g.Hiamp SIMULINK software

1 EEG system with 64+18 Channels NeurOne Bittium TMS/MRI compatible

Modelling and Stimulus presentation:

SimNIBS for transcranical brain stimulation (TMS & tDCS) modelling.
E-prime software.
ASF software.


Matlab and Psychtoolbox.



If you have any questions, write an email to tbs-lab@unitn.it

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