The TBS laboratory has space available to conduct experiments and is equipped with cutting-edge instrument for:


  • TMS

2 Magpro X100 stimulator
1 Magpro Compact stimulator
Related coils: 1 MC-B70 Butterfly, 1 C-B70 Butterfly, 1 MCF-P- B65 Butterfly, 2 MCF-B65 Butterfly cooled, 2 MC-B65-HO-2 Butterfly, 2 C-B60 Butterfly and 2 MC-B35 Butterfly.

1 Magstim Super Rapid(CeRiN)

1 Magstim Rapid 4 boosters stimulator (CeRiN)
1 Magstim Bistim (two 200 units) stimulator
Related coils: 1 Double Cone Coil 110mm, 2 Double 70mm Alpha Coil (1 LNiF, 1 CeRiN), 1 Alpha Branding Iron Range Coil 25mm, 2 Alpha Coil Flat Range 50mm, and 2 adapters to old-model coils.

  • TES

1 Eldith Plus Neuroconn for tDCS, tRNS, and tACS (fMRI compatible) 
12 BrainStim for tDCS, tRNS, and tACS


2 Softaxic Neuronavigation system (1 LNiF, 1 CeRiN)

EEG, EMG, ECG, ERG recordings:

2 4-channel amplifiers CED
2 4-channel analog to digital converter CED
1 2-channel Signal wireless system Mobimini.

Nerve stimulators:

2 digitimer DS7AH constant current stimulator

TMS-fMRI TMS-EEG equipment:

1 EEG system with 64 Channels and EXG 8 bipolar Channels Brainamp fMRI and TMS compatible, Brainvision software
1 EEG system with 80 Channels (active or passive) and 8 bipolar Channels gtec TMS compatible, g.Hiamp SIMULINK software

1 EEG system with 64+18 Channels NeurOne Bittium TMS/MRI compatible

Modelling, Data acquisition&Analysis and Stimulus presentation:

SimNIBS for transcranical brain stimulation (TMS & tDCS) modelling.
E-prime 3 software.
ASF software.


Matlab and Psychtoolbox.


Spike 2.


Brainvision Recorder.

Brainvision Analyzer.

g.HIamp SIMULINK high-speed online processing.

g.Recorder for g.HIamp.


By using the tools available at the facility, as well as the services and assistance provided by the facility staff, users accept the rules defined by the facility.

If users do not agree to or do not comply with all or part of the facility's terms and conditions of use, they may not use the facility's tools or request services and assistance from the facility staff.

The rules defined by the facility must be accepted by the Principal Investigator in charge of the facility users before they access the facility.

Any subsequent changes to the rules will be made known to users of the facility by sending an e-mail notification with a summary of the changes made

If you have any questions, write an email to tbslab.cimec@unitn.it

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