HowTo install E-Prime 2.0 with network license on Windows machines

CIMeC has bought 10 E-Prime network licenses. These licenses can be used just inside CIMeC network, not, for example on laptops at home. Keep in mind that these kind of license can produce delays on stimuli, so use it only for development purpose or in cases where delays wont affect your research.

This is a short howto describing the installation procedure. If you fell comfortable with it please go ahead, if not contact the IT group before starting.

You can find both the E-Prime 2 Professional installer (EP2Pro2.0.10.242.exe) and the network license key (network_license_code.txt) on

\\pino\CIMEC-IT\software\licensed-software\E-prime\E-Prime 2

Log on your machine as administrator.
Install E-Prime 2 Professional as a normal Windows program by launching the installer (EP2Pro2.0.10.242.exe). When prompted, install both he "PST Port Driver" and the "PST SR Port Driver".

Once the installation process has been completed, open your local license manager by typing the following address in your browser:

Open the Configuration page from the left menu.
In the Access to Remote License Managers tab, check the Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses box.
Then specify the license server machine name by typing into the Specify Search Parameters textbox the following line:


The system needs a few minutes to find the network license server.

Now you can launch E-Prime Studio and register the product using the following parameters:

user = cimec
institution = unitn

and the network license key that you can find in the file network_license_code.txt on the shared folder.

If you receive license related warning messages, wait a few minutes then start E-Prime Studio again.

For troubleshooting please contact the IT group.

Have fun !


Eprime 2.0 Runtime


Per la sola esecuzione degli esperimenti:

  • Installare EP2Pro2.0.10.356.exe , in fase di installazione scegliere l'opzione Subject Station e premere Install. Sembra che non sia necessario installare nessuna licenza.


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