MRI Lab: Scheduling

Procedures for allocating MR scan time:

    • Each PI of an approved project is asked monthly (on the third week of the month, mostly) for an update on their specific scan needs and constraints for the following month (email the staff for questions and requests);
    • The MRI Lab Agenda is updated considering scanner availability and all requests.
    • Open slots can be requested online directly on the agenda. For instructions you need to login and then go the page MRI Slot Request Instructions .
    • PIs are responsible for informing as soon as possible if they cannot use a scan slot allocated to them (email the staff, indicating the reason for why the slot cannot be used).
    • Whenever possible phantom scans will be scheduled preferably if human scans are not possible.
    • The interested investigator must request a slot in coordination with one of our phantom scan operators: V.Iacovella or J. Jovicich. The choice of the operator is related to the nature of the tests. If in doubt confirm with the staff.

Good Practices

  1. In the unfortunate event of a slot cancellation, if MR Lab is somehow responsible (e.g.: scanner not working; staff members not available), then you won't be charged for scan time you've already booked and confirmed;
  2. If you cannot attend the scanning session, for whatever reason: please inform the staff and remove your booking 3 days in advance. This will allow the staff to re-assign the slot in a proper way. Otherwise, you will be requested to pay for scan time even if you did not use the scanner at all.
  3. Lab practice suggests to pack your slots one after the other in single sessions made up of several participants. Inter - session intervals make it hard for the staff to arrange all the scan time requests throughout the researchers.
  4. Should you have, within your project, more sources to pay scan time, please let the staff know it. You can specifiy this in the textbox "needs" when you book for scan time in MR Agenda or you can just notice the staff once your experimental session is completed. 

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