Booking system and charging of costs


Assignment of measurement slots takes place once a month, dividing available hours among the various research groups. Special requests for availability outside normal laboratory hours will be considered and must be authorised in advance by the Facility Manager.

Requests for measurement slots by users are collected once a month in CLARA, where users can request the facility time they need. The slots are then assigned once a month by the Facility Manager who, in accordance with the priorities and strategies established by the Centre management team and, depending on resource availability, coordinates the Facility agenda.

Once the Facility Manager has assigned the slots, the user must book the corresponding slots in CLARA. Booking in CLARA is compulsory: if the laboratory slot is not booked in the calendar 72 hours in advance, the Facility Manager may reassign it.

The Facility reserves the right to cancel the booking when the instrument needs to be repaired or maintained or when Facility staff is unexpectedly unavailable.

A booking can be cancelled with no charge up to 3 days in advance (i.e. at least 72 hours before the period booked). Cancellations less than 72 hours in advance will still incur charges, even if the cancellation is due to a lack of volunteers, the volunteer not passing medical screening or the volunteer not attending the experiment.

The cost of slots booked will not be charged if the experiment cancellation is instead due to equipment failure or unavailability of Facility staff.


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