How to book the lab


This is how we assign lab time. Please read carefully the instructions to avoid problems & late in booking the MEG lab time.

  • Every month the Lab Manager will send an e-mail to meg-users@list.cimec.unitn.it asking for lab requests for the subsequent month.
  • Once all the requests have been collected, the Lab Manager will send an e-mail to meg-users@list.cimec.unitn.it or directly to the user, with the lab schedule for the incoming month .
  • At this point, if you want to use the time that has been assigned to you, you must book it on the LNiF resource booking system: if you don't do it within 3 days from the schedule mail we will assume you don't need that time anymore and we feel free to assign it to someone else.
  • You don't have any possibility to change your booking on the calendar for the past. Therefore, in the exceptional case for you was not possible to book your time on the LNiF booking system before having your experiment, you have the possibility to activate the following procedure: ask the PI of the project you've booked the lab on to send an e-mail with project name, hours and days to be inserted in the calendar to the IT office and to the MEG staff. We will check for the information you provided and, if everything is ok, the IT office will insert the correction in the LNiF agenda.

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