Laboratories for Functional Neuroimaging (LNiF)

Volunteer for a study


If you would like to participate as a subject in a research study and you are looking for information click here http://events.unitn.it/en/cimec-volunteers .
To register yourself directly in our database https://web.cimec.unitn.it:4443/volunteers/. Here you will learn more about the various ongoing projects.

Some studies utilize more than one imaging modality, others use none. Most studies offer a small stipend. Please read the study requirements carefully. You are welcome to respond simply to learn more about the project. Your registration does not imply any obligations. You are free withdraw from any study at any time. If you register you may be contacted by the researchers responsible for the project(s) when needed for the project(s).

After registering you can always access your volunteer subscription data https://web.cimec.unitn.it:4443/volunteers/login.php for changes or cancellations.

You are welcome to contact us for more information: volontari at cimec.unitn.it

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