Facility staff and contact details

The research activities at the EPL Facility are supported by qualified personnel who endeavour to:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of all equipment in the several laboratories;

  • Provide assistance and training on the use of the equipment;

  • Provide assistance on administrative aspects and experimental/methodological procedures relating to the implementation of research projects;

  • Provide assistance and training on data acquisition and analysis.

As for all the other CIMeC Facilities, the staff of the EPL Facility includes three different figures:

  • Scientific Advisor:
    principal investigator, appointed by the CIMeC Director after consultation with the Board, who offers scientific advice to the Facility users and suggestions on the management of the Facility;

  • Facility Manager:
    technical staff managing and coordinating the CIMeC Facility;

  • Facility Technician:
    technical staff supporting research and teaching activities in the Facility.


Scientific Advisor

Veronica Mazza

Tel: +39 0464 808664

Mail: veronica dot mazza at unitn dot it

Facility Manager

Massimo Vescovi

Tel: +39 0464 808687

Mail: massimo dot vescovi at unitn dot it

Facility Technician

Tommaso Mastropasqua

Tel: +39 0464 808716

Mail: tommaso dot mastropasqua at unitn dot it

E-mail for requests: eplab dot cimec at unitn dot it


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