The EPL Facility includes:

  • Five psychophysical laboratories for conducting behavioural experiments. The laboratories are all equipped with desktop computers and high-performance monitors (https://vpixx.com/). Several laptops are also available. If necessary, the laboratories can be equipped with specific devices for visual stimulation (stereoscope) and eye movement control (three EyeLink 1000 systems with Desktop/Remote mounting and one EyeLink 1000 Plus system easily transportable outside the laboratories, https://www.sr-research.com/). In addition, a Tobii T120 (http://www.tobii.com), a device with a Tobii AB integrated monitor , is available for use;

  • One laboratory, equipped with an Eyelink 1000 Tower system (https://www.sr-research.com/), for investigating eye movements;

  • One multisensory laboratory, equipped with an anechoic and acoustically isolated cabin, for conducting studies involving different types of sensory stimulation. A BIOPAC system (https://www.biopac.com/) and several devices are also availabe for taking electrophysiological measurements and for delivering visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli. In particular, an olfactometer Sniff-0 (Cynexo, https://www.cynexo.com/portfolio/sniff-0-olfactometer/) can be used to deliver odor stimuli via cannulas birhinally placed in the participants’ nostrils. The olfactometer is currently equipped with four channels, it is easily transportable in the form of a normal suitcase and it is fMRI compatible. Moreover, Sniff-0 can be used in combination with another device, Spir-0 (Cynexo, https://www.cynexo.com/portfolio/spir-0-breathing-cycle-monitor/), to synchronize the activation of the odor channels with the breathing activity of each participant. In general, Spir-0 is able to monitor and record the respiratory activity of the participants;

  • Laboratories and equipment dedicated to conducting EEG studies:

  • One kinematic laboratory, equipped with the Qualisys motion-capture system, for conducting research related to quantitative measurements of limb movements. 

All the laboratories are located in Palazzo Fedrigotti (Corso Bettini 31, Rovereto); most of them are located on the third floor of the dependance (also known as "palazzina").

The laboratories opening hours are:

          8am – 7pm Monday to Friday


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