Research activities and projects

The activities carried out within the Facility are subject to monitoring by the University Protection and Prevention Service (SPP) and are described in the Laboratory Risk Assessment Documents, available in the section dedicated to the ACN Facility of the CIMeC wiki portal. Any significant change to the activities described therein must be promptly communicated to the RLS (SA) and the LM so that the competent offices are alerted and a timely assessment of the risk conditions that have arisen is possible and so that adequate safety measures are prepared, where required.

Users who intend to start a new research project on animal species covered by Legislative Decree 26/2014 must possess the training qualifications detailed in point 5.1 of these Regulations (function B ) and obtain the required ministerial authorisations. The documentation for requests for Ministerial authorization and related charges is available at the ACN Animal Care Facility.

Users who intend to start a new research project involving the use of dangerous biological agents in containment class 1 (BSL1) or 2 (BSL2) or on genetically modified invertebrate animal species, must obtain the authorizations required by current legislation. Documentation for submitting applications is available from ACN Staff.


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