The ACN Facility supports Users in conducting research of behavior and its neurobiological foundations from a comparative perspective. It has spaces and equipment suitable for multidisciplinary research on animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate species. In synergy with the Animal Facility, dedicated to the management of vertebrate animals and the safeguarding of their well-being, the Facility provides researchers with areas dedicated to observations of animal behavior and areas equipped for neurobiological investigations, aimed at characterizing the neural substrates involved in cognitive processes and their development. The Facility also has equipment suitable for the study of cultured cells and two plants authorized for the handling of microorganisms and genetically modified microorganisms in risk class 1 (BSL1) and 2 (BSL2) biological containment levels, separate for applications on murine and other species. The Facility also has structures suitable for hosting genetically modified invertebrate animal species.

The ACN Facility makes available to Researchers:

• Spaces equipped for observations of animal behavior, equipped with PC workstations and software for video data acquisition and behavioral analysis (Ethovision XT v16, DeepLabCut). Support for the intramural construction of devices intended for observations.

• Instrumentation for micrometric cutting of histological samples (Leica CM1850-UV, CM1860-UV, and VT1200)

• Optical microscopes for bright-field and fluorescence observations (Axio Imager M2 and Axio Observer Z1 - ZEN pro v3.1 software)

• 2-photon laser microscope (Olympus U-1003 coupled to Laser SP Mai Tai)

• Platform for the acquisition of single-unit and field-recording electrophysiological signals (Plexon Omniplex D, 32 channels), neural stimulation (Plex Stim) and analysis of signals and neural correlates of behavior (Offline Sorter, Neuro Explorer, CinePlex Behavior)

• MOGM-BSL2 plants for the development of mouse and non-mouse transgenic models

• Tissue culture laboratory, authorized for MOGM-BSL2 containment

• Support equipment for routine histological inspections, micromanipulation of samples (Stemi 2000 stereomicroscopes; Stemi 305; Stemi 508; Discovery V8 - bright field and fluorescence; Discovery V8 for co-observations in bright field; AxioLab A1), molecular investigations (Thermal cyclers, traditional and Real-Time, Bio-Rad C1000, 48 and 96-well heads; CFX 96; Opus CFX 384; Nanodrop One-C UV-Vis spectrophotometer; refrigerated centrifuges), electrophoresis and blotting (Bio-Rad Universal PowerPac, Trans blot turbo - mini cell), photo documentation (i-Bright CL1500), micro-infusions and surgery (Kopf 720B puller, pico spritzer III, stereotaxics)


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