Promote your publications

Disseminating publications on social networks has become a relevant task:

  • it is a way to condense relevant information and convey messages in a few lines;
  • it triggers online conversations;
  • it is useful to create and maintain networks of academic people sharing similar interests.

More importantly, it is a way to increase the altmetrics of the product, through mentioning the DOI.

CIMeC prepared ===a form ===to promote publications through the center’s twitter account.

When CIMeC receives a request from the form, the publication will be disseminated in a short time.


Collect the following information before filling the form:

  1. DOI of the publication
  2. Publication title and journal in charge of publishing the product
  3. Twitter accounts of all the authors and collaborators and (if any) twitter account of the involved labs / initiatives / projects
  4. A few words about the publication: you can use a single sentence or more than one. Keep in mind that on twitter you have 280 characters per tweet
  5. A related image which you consider relevant to convey specific messages
  6. hashtag ideas (e.g.: if your product is about FMRI and resting state, you can think about something like: #FMRI, #restingstate).

Fill the form to promote your research product through CIMeC Twitter Account.
If you would also like to promote your publication on our other social networks (Facebook and Instagram) contact and we will find the best way of dissemination together.

Should you instead have thoughts or inquiries related to this specific procedure or to the form content, please contact specifying New paper out - form suggestions in the subject line.