Master's programme in Cognitive Science 

Here you can find some useful information on your academic path at CIMeC

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Educational Offer students enrolled in a.y. 2022/23:

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Educational Offer students enrolled in a.y. 2021/22: 

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Educational Offer students enrolled in a.y. 2020/21:

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Educational Offer students enrolled in a.y. 2019/20:

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Academic Calendar a.y. 2022/23: 

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To start the internship students must be enrolled in the second year and have already acquired 45 credits of the curriculum.

The internship can be done  in 3 different modalities:

  • external internship in Italy (in a company or external centre/institute in Italy) 

  • external traineeship abroad

  • internal internship (in a CIMeC Lab or in other Labs of the University of Trento)

Internship regulations: 

For more information on how to start your internship please see the dedicated webpage




In order to graduate, Master's students have to:

- pass all the exams

- complete the internship

- defend the thesis

The final thesis can be defended only after all the exams have been passed and the internship is concluded. The thesis has to be written in English by the student under the guidance of a supervisor chosen among the professors and researchers belonging to UniTrento, or teaching professors of the degree course.

In order to present and discuss their Master's thesis student have to complete a procedure in several steps, with mandatory deadlines. 

To check graduation dates and deadlines, for general information and thesis guidelines please see page