How to propose a TMS/TES experiment

At least one of the researchers involved in a TMS/TES study should be intimately familiar with the TMS/tES techniques (see Access to the Lab). The following is a schedule for a PI who wishes to start a TMS/TES experiment:
1. (Optional but recommended) preliminary informal discussion with the Lab Responsible (carlo.miniussi@unitn.it).
2. Choose a LNiF PI
3. Send the form of request for approval to cimec@unitn.it at least 3 weeks before the foreseen submission to the Ethical Committee. Only after having received this document the Director will sign the attachment “Dichiarazione di disponibilità di tempo, risorse e personale”.
4. Base on your proposal you might need to submit your project to the Responsible Physician for his/her check
5. Give a Project Proposal Presentation for technical and scientific feedback
6. Obtain Ethical Committee Approval for the project
7. Communicate to Ehtical Committe and Admin the starting date of your project.
8. Send Ethical Committee and Admin updated versions in case of request for extensions or project's changes (involved people, n. of subjects). Note that if you are going to ask for an extension of the number of subjects and your project is using CIMeC's funds, you must ask in advance for the Director's authorization for the extension of your budget.
9. After the end of the project, show the scientific results of the research project, by handing in a written report and by giving a presentation Project Results Presentation
10. Please note that access to the CeRiN lab must be discussed before any proposal with the Director of the CeRiN (costanza.papagno@unitn.it).

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