Irbio server 



  • RAM 3T
  • processing units available: 144
  • local disk space: 2.7T


  • RAM 3T
  • processing units available: 144 
  • local disk space: 2.7T


  • RAM 2T
  • processing units available: 144
  • local disk space: 2.97T


PI storage path: /mnt/storage/tier1 ; tier2



Access via Console:

From linux:

From Windows:

  • install a ssh client: https://www.putty.org/ , connect to cluster.cimec.unitn.it or  login-node1.cimec.unitn.it with your unitn credential.


Acces via Graphical Interface:

From Linux and Windows:

  • install X2GOclient https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/download:start

X2go Configuration:

  • X2GO hosts: irbio-server1.cimec.unitn.it  or  irbio-server2, irbio-server3
  • choose XFCE as Session Type




  • After login, disable the scrennsaver in the XFCE session.




Open a CIMeC ticket to ask for software installation. 


To avoid library conflicts, please ask to install only the software that you intend to use in the short term.

Software List:

  • /opt/Python-3.8.7 with virtualenv, numpy,scipy,scikit-learn
  • R
  • git
  • Emacs
  • CQP CWB in /usr/local/cwb-3.4.22/
  • /usr/bin/python2 (2.7.17)
  • /usr/bin/python3 (3.6.8)
  • docopt for python2.7, python3.6
  • freesurfer 7.1.1 in /opt/fresurfer-7.1.1
  • /opt/fsl-6.0.4
  • fmriprep docker version in /opt/fmriprep-docker/  









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