Running Experiments Checklist

  • Your project has been approved by CIMEC and the Ethical Committee
  • You have communicated to them and Valeria Nencini your start date. This starts the clock for your project duration and also makes your project visible in our scheduling system.
  • The researchers of the group who will work in the MR lab have passed the MR Safety Training.
  • You have ensured funds for paying volunteers.
  • There is a person in the group responsible for the experimental setup in the MR lab. This person has:
    • used a phantom pilot session to test the correct work of the stimulation equipment, software and response recordings
    • checked that the best possible MR acquisition protocol is being used for the specific project needs
    • established a project-specific protocol folder at the MR console with an MR operator
  • You can schedule scan time for the project.
  • You can recruit the appropriate subjects for your project with at least 24 hours anticipation of your scheduled scan.
  • You define the person from your group that will assist the scan session and will be responsible for interacting with the volunteer and taking all the notes needed for your project.
  • You know how to access your imaging/physiological/behavioral data after the experiment (and hopefully you also know how to analyze and interpret it!).
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