Project Proposal Presentation

  • Why?
    • The function of this presentation is primarily to allow colleagues to stay informed about ongoing projects in the LNiF, to foster inter-group discussions, and also to provide feedback to researchers from scientific peers.

  • How?
    • The Principal investigator gives a short presentation (10 min) with a fixed format of 7 slides maximum Project_Presentation_sample.ppt (70.00 Kb):
      • Project title, co-investigators and affiliations
      • Scientific question and hypotheses
      • Description of the subjects that will be studied
      • Experimental design
      • Data acquisition protocols
      • Data analysis methods
      • Evaluation of the outcome
    • Presentations are scheduled on demand for Thursdays afternoons, at the LNIF in Mattarello, by request to valeria.nencini at unitn.it and submission of the Project Proposal Forms. The slides for the Project Proposal Presentation must be sent to valeria.nencini at unitn.it at least 48 hours before the scheduled presentation.
    • It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to contact the relevant Lab directors to confirm that the lab can offer the software, hardware or acquisition protocols needed for the research project.
    • Following the presentation, if appropriate, the PI will review the project on the basis of the feedback received and consider the relevant changes for the documentation prepared for the Ethical Committee. For MR Lab projects the Ethical Committee Approval documentation has to be reviewed by the MR and Medical Safety Experts prior to submission.

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