Technical and Administrative personnel



Each staff unit is assigned one or more areas of competence, in which it plays a role of leader and coordination of the cross-sectoral activity throughout the center, in collaboration with colleagues. In these areas each one represents the reference point for both CIMeC and the central UNITN offices.
The "operational" declination of the activities, for logistical needs connected to the geographical distribution of the CIMeC offices, will in many cases remain per site, in order to guarantee an effective response for anyone who presents themselves in the administrative office of the site of their main office.
There are also "minor" activities of daily administrative support, generally broken down by location. In this case, the goal was, where possible, to simplify by eliminating redundancies, and redistribute in a perspective of equity in the workload.

- Coordination of the center's admin staff;
- Annual budget definition/management, and control;
- CIMeC teaching/research staff: collaboration on recruitment procedures and career progression;
- PTA CIMeC: support procedures for recruitment, evaluation, training;
- Preparation/signing of research agreements with other entities;
- Support for the management of funded research projects;
- CLARA and booking system Facilities;
- Collegial bodies;
- Relations with APSS for healthcare personnel supporting CeRiN/MRI and for research collaboration
- Support for the Master's Degree Course in coordination with the Polo Student Office;
- support to CeRiN management when needed.

- Selection procedures for research personnel (fellowships and research contracts);
- Website update, center communication and Third mission;
- Conferences and other dissemination activities;
- Externally-funded research projects (backup);
- Administrative support Fedrigotti.

- Approval procedures at the OPBA and subsequent management of research projects with animals;
- Safety of laboratories and related courses;
- Insurance of personnel working in animal research laboratories;
- Costs associated with research activities and the use of the CIMeC Facilities (cost matrix);
- Collaboration to the monitoring of Facilities budget;
- CLARA and booking system Ex Manifattura Facilities;
- Administrative support Ex Manifattura.

- Externally-funded research projects (European and national grants);
- Backup/Support for research agreements with external entities;
- Experiment fund management and reimbursement of volunteers;
- research personnel selection procedures (backup);
- Administrative support Mattarello/Ex Manifattura.

- Doctoral School in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, PhDigital and website;
- Support to the activities of the collegial bodies (backup);
- Administrative support Fedrigotti.

- Approval of procedures at the Ethics Committee and subsequent management of research projects with
- Aspects relating to privacy, and to the processing of data and project documentation;
- Insurance of personnel working in human research laboratories;
- CLARA and booking system Facilities research with the human being;
- Administrative support Mattarello.

- Calendar planning of clinical activities of CeRiN;
- Reporting and information flows to the MEF and APSS;
- Support to the Clinical Director in managing CeRiN personnel, new arrivals and coordinating activities;
- Support to the Clinical Director in the management of administrative obligations for the functioning of an
accredited healthcare facility (drafting, revision and updating of institutional accreditation documents,
quality standard monitoring, medical records control, Customer satisfaction);
- Patient/caregiver front office and secretarial back office activities.


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