Crunch - Computer resources from the MR Methods Group

  • General Information
    • Unix version in lnif-crunch: centos4_x86_64-stabe-pub-v4.0.0-ful
    • Computer purchased with the grant of Pan Lin. Limited access, not a public computer
    • Access crunch:
      • Request an account to Stefano Tessari (J. Jovicich needs to approve it).
      • Have a unix platform to connect. If you have a windows PC you need to install a linux-like environment for Windows, like cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com/)
  • Accessing crunch from a windows PC
    • Start cygwin
    • In the unix shell type: startx & to start a nicer user interface for running a unix session
    • Connect to crunch: ssh name.lastname@lnif-crunch -Y, then type your password. You are in!
  • Some basic things for your crunch account
    • Home directory: /home/UNITN/name.lastname (ca. 10 GB available)
    • Data directory: /data/users_data/ name.lastname (ca. 200 GB available)
    • Information about your account configuration: .tcshrc
    • Links/Mounts to lnif_storage: https://wiki.cimec.unitn.it/tiki-index.php?page=WndowsShare
    • Example for linking your account with \\Lnif-storage\mri_anon_data
      • mkdir lnif_storage_MRI_Anon_Data
      • mountcifs //lnif-storage/mri_anon_data lnif_storage_MRI_Anon_Data -ousername=name.lastname
      • ls lnif_storage_MRI_Anon_Data
    • Example for bringing to crunch data from \\Lnif-storage\mri_anon_data
      • cd /data/users_data/name.lastname/
      • make folder XX where you will put stuff: mkdir XX
      • cp -r $HOME/lnif_storage_MRI_Anon_Data/…/subID_scandate XX

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