In February 2012 our authorization by the Italian Ministry of Health to scan humans with our 4T machine will expire. We are currently working on writing the request for renewal.

This presentation provides an overview MR-related projects Renewal of Authorization.pptx (106.87 Kb)

We ask you to submit the following documents to jens.schwarzbach at unitn.it (deadlines in parentheses):

For your orientation, find below the Excel sheet with the project info submitted so far
Summary Renewal ALL areas.xlsx (21.27 Kb)
and the draft for the report with roughly finished intro, main structure, and one spelled out project indicating the level of detail (project 'Oculomotor Control')
Draft Renewal ALL areas.docx (43.37 Kb)

REMEMBER: The document will have to be written in Italian (I have written my parts so far in English)

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