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MRI Lab: Our Services

Services and support provided by the MRI Lab staff includes the following:

  • Administration
    • Keep updated documentation related to MR lab access requests
    • Project proposal, project proposal presentation, budget requests
    • Ethical Committee documentation: request, approval, project start-end, ammendements, extensions.
    • MR access level of researchers and staff accessing the lab: safety training, medical visits, MR lab badge
    • Subject reimbursements requests and completed payments

  • Medical
    • Availability for medical emergencies
    • Medical screening, subject preparation and supervision during all human experiments
    • Document signatures: screening form, consent form, data privacy form, reimbursement form
    • Inspection of images and registry for incidental findings. Follow up.

  • Technical
    • Availability for technical support on system hardware and software used at the lab
    • MR system maintenance, reparations and routine quality assurance tests
    • MR-compatibility and safety tests for new equipment entering the magnet room
    • Keep an updated list of a variety of tested acquisition protocols, including:
      • Structural scans (T1-weighted, T2-weighted)
      • Relaxometry (T1 and T2* mapping)
      • BOLD EPI scans
      • Diffusion
      • etc.
    • Support for protocol preparation and initial tests (phantom sessions)
    • Support for optimizing acquisition protocols with specific needs
    • Maintenance and support for the use of stimulation equipment (hardware, software)
    • Data transfer
      • Conversion of raw image data to sorted and anonymized formats (dicom, nifty) and transfer to internal data distribution access point
      • Transfer of associated physiological as a separate folder within the image data folder

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MRI Lab: Responsibilities for the Principal Investigators

Responsibilities for the Principal Investigators of approved projects in the MR lab include:

  • Related to the MR experiment
    • MR lab access request: follow the procedures Access to the MR Lab for research
    • Define a reference investigator for the experimental setup: one researcher of the research group of the PI must be nominated as reference point for the whole experimental setup. This person is also responsible for running the stimulation equipment, collecting behavioural data if acquired and taking all necessary lab notes related to the experiment. Keep track of the human scans completed, scan interruptions (with their cause) and adverse effects. (see below)
    • Complete an experiment preparation session: schedule a phantom session to implement and test your stimulation protocols, the MR acquisition protocol, triggers, timings, etc.
    • Handle subject scheduling: contact, description of experiment, non-medical pre screening and exclusion criteria check, directions to the lab, reception at the lab, training, payment, post scan wrap up, etc.
    • MR booking: define periodically the scanning needs which will be taken into consideration with the needs with all other reseachers to achieve the best compromise
    • Use the lnif-mri-users at psico.unitn.it list:
      • To announce cancellation of booked time slots
      • Provide updated feedback about problems related to the stimulation equipment (software/hardware), image quality or any other issues potentially related to data acquisition.

  • Related to the Ethical Committee
    • Immediately after your project has been approved by the Ethical Committee you should respond to them and to Valeria Nencini when you expect your project to start. This date starts the clock for your project duration/expiration and makes your project visible for booking in our MR scheduling agenda.
    • For each approved project keep track of the human scans completed, scan interruptions (with their cause) and adverse effects. YOU NEED THIS FOR YOUR PROJECT REPORT TO THE ETHICAL COMMITTEE
    • At the end of the project submit a project report to the Ethical Committee with the information listed above, including also a summary of the progress, eventual extension requests with justification and publication list.

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