We'll use Stefano's help here. This should include:

  • Crunch: MR Methods Computer Resources
  • Computers in MR Console Area
    • MR Console computer
    • Stimulation and communication computers
    • Data management and User computers (switch)
  • Computers in MR preparation room
    • Behavioural tests
  • IT Help desk (Mattarello)
    • Contact Information: TE 2790-1151, e-mail helpdesk @ amm.unitn.it, open from 8.30 to 14.00 on Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays (except holidays). Luca Pellegrini and Valerio Varriale.
    • Services: You can contact them any time you need help on any of these topics:
      • general problems on your PC/Software
      • Installation, upgrade of licensed software
      • Email problems
      • Network and Internet problems
      • Password reset and access problems (LDAP, login ecc)
      • Printer's installation and general printing problems
  • IT support (Mattarello)
    • For issues other than those covered by the IT help desk, please email stefano tessari @ unitn.it describing your needs and using the keyword 'helpdesk' on your subject line.

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