Data analysis and consultancy


The MEG core staff provides data analysis tools, training and consultancy in order to help you in designing the best analysis pipeline for you scientific question and become autonomous and get expertise for your future MEG experiments. We covers all aspects of analysis, from preprocessing to more sophisticated source reconstruction and connectivity analysis. As for the development and implementation of the experimental paradigm, you can interact with our experts, mainly the MEG physicist, in order to learn and develop your analysis methods. Furthermore, our MEG staff tam, is active in developing new methods and analysis tools, implement best practices and keep the methodological facility know-how at the cutting edge standard.


Moreover, we provide dedicated computational resources for MEG data analysis, namely two dedicated servers. You can check how to obtain access to the MEG servers at this page and how to connect and use MEG servers here.


The following pages contains tutorials and instructions about different aspects of data analysis. Work is in progress, so check it out !





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