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This is the wiki website for the Magnetoencephalography (MEG) lab located in Mattarello, Trentino, Italy. The MEG lab is a part of the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CiMeC). The website is designed to be used as a reference page for the lab members and the general CiMeC scientific community who wish to conduct MEG research. MEG research conducted at CiMeC include, but are not limited to, investigations into the neural correlates of consciousness, action and motor perception, and visual scene perception.

A Magnetoencephalography device became fully equipped at CiMeC in 2009. The device installed is a Vectorview 306 Channel MEG (Elekta Neuromag, Helsinki). It is also capable of collecting up to 128 channels of simultaneous EEG data. To accompany the MEG, the facility is equipped with a VPixx PROPixx projector for presentation of full colour visual and auditory stimulations and other stimulation/control devices. Eye-tracking is possible by means of an SR-Research EyeLink Plus system with 2 KHz monocular sampling rate.

This wiki is managed by the core lab members of the MEG lab. For those wishing to run a MEG study, please refer to the Running Studies section for general guidelines for handling MEG and using the lab facilities. For information and tutorials on analysing MEG data go to Data Analysis & Tutorial. Further information on the CiMeC MEG community and Frequently Asked Questions are here. If you are interested in joining the MEG User Meetings or the Mailing-list, go to General Remarks. For administrative remarks regarding the usage of the facilities, refer to Accessing the Lab


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