Planning and testing your eperiment


The Faciity is equipped with MATLAB, Psychtoolbox and all the related software required to drive the available equipment. See below for a list of the available hardware. Experiments run in the lab on a dedicated computer (Stimulation PC). The MEG core lab team offer consultancy and training in conceptualizing, preparing and testing your experiment. We strongly recommend to get in touch with the MEG core staff before designing your experiment, in order to optimize the paradigm for the MEG. In addition, developing your experiment requires to use directly this computer since many functions for stimulus presentation and MEG synchronization works only with the dedicated hardware connected. Because of this reason, once the paradigm has been defined, we will ask you to prepare a working "behavioural" version of your experiment (a script doing what you need from the paradigm point of view) than can be run outside the lab. Then you can get in contact with the MEG core team: we will help you transforming the script in an MEG experiment. Once the experimental script is ready, you are strongly recommended to run one or more piloting session, a complete measurement session aimed to finally test the experiment and highlight potential problems/caveats. You will be guided by the MEG core team in this. All the time spent in the facility, both for scripting and for piloting, has to be booked as a normal experimental session. See this page for the booking policy.


See the following pages for equipment and instructions on how to use/program them


See the follwing pages for informations about experiment running and control


For any question contact the MEG lab core team


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