The MEG Analysis Servers

The MEG facility provides two analysis servers for running MEG analysis. Users can log in either from within the UNITN network or from wherever they are, using a VPN connection. See the Lab rules and Safety page for instructions on how to get access.


I just received an email that I got access. What do I do now?

We use a program called "x2go" to access the servers. This program will give you a desktop as if you would sit right in front of it.
Please note that the old ways of accessing the server (NX and VNC) are not supported anymore. The preferred way to get x2go installed on your computer is asking to the CIMeC IT group ( Ticketing system ) to install the software for you. If you feel confident and if you have admin rights to do that by yourself follow these instructions:

  1. Download x2go for your operating system from here and install it
  2. If you use Windows, you also need this. Install it

Once the x2go client has been installed:

  1. Start the x2go client.
  2. For Windows only:
    1. Go to Settings->Configuration.
    2. Choose the tab that says "X-Server Configuration".
    3. Click on "use custom X-Server".
    4. In the field "Executable File: put this: C:/Program Files/VcXsrv/vcxsrv.exe
    5. Close the programm
    6. Start it again
  3. Create a new session. In the configuration dialog, set the following:
    1. Name: Anything you want
    2. Host: The IP Address of the Server:
      1. Trentobomber1:
      2. Trentobomber2:
    3. Login: Your unitn username (without the @unitn.it part)
    4. Session type:
      1. Trentobomber1: XFCE
      2. Trentobomber2: MATE
  4. Go to the Media Tab and uncheck both checkboxes.

Now you can just click on the connection you want to use, enter your password and wait a little bit and the desktop should open.


Where are my data?

Storage space assigned to your PI can be mounted on MEG Servers upon requests; the connection to those storage from MEG Servers is very fast and optimized. Please don't use your local home directory for storing data and results. Home directory space is limited and shared among all users. Use your PI storage space as working directory for your data analisys. 


What can I do to be nice to my colleagues?

Please remember that the server is a shared resource. You are welcome to use it, when you need it. But please do so in a way that is fair to all your colleagues. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Only keep your session open as long as you need it. Your programs use resources, even when you do not use them.
  2. Especially Matlab eats a lot of resources. Please do not keep it open.
  3. Run only one session on one server.


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