Data retrieving and Management


The MEG Facility manages and keep all neurophisiological data as produced by the MEG scanner. We keep the original raw file in a repository for all projects and back them up on tapes for long term retention. Magnetoenceèphalography data (*.fif files) does not contain personal information and are stored by the Facility using only unique anonimous identifier for subject. The same convention for anonimous identifiers is used in the MEG and MRI facility. We don't keep and manage behavioural, eye tracking or other compounds data collected during experimental sessions in your protocol. You have to take care of saving and managing those data incompliance with the UNITN data management and privacy rules, as stated in your Ehical Commetee request.

Every night, at 3 am, data collected during the day are automatically checked and sinchronized by moving them from the MEG console to a dedicated storage space. You can acces this storage space and copy the data of your interest on your personal storage space. No processing of the raw dta are allowed on the dedicated ME-G-DATA storage space.

Data are properly and automatically sinchronized only if you take care of using the standard naming convenion when saving your session results n the MEG console.


See the updated guidelines for saving/retrieving data for instructions on how to save and retrieve data. If in doubt, contact the MEG core staff.




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