The MEG lab is located within the LNIF buildings in Mattarello (Trento) via delle Regole 101, 38123. People working in the MEG lab console area can be reached by calling +39 0461 28 3030.


The MEG facility is managed and maintained by the core MEG lab teamThe mission of the core team is:

  • managing and running the facility on a day bay day basis and on the long term, according to the Direction strategic plans;
  • keeping the lab recording and analysis standards up-to-date, managing and implementing required technological and methodological updates;
  • providing customized support in experimental design, data acquisition and analysis.
  • promoting the use of MEG and relevant best practices, as a key tool in neuroscience


The core MEG lab team is composed by:

For general administrative support you can contact the CIMeC admin team, preferably Valeria Nencini (valeria.nencini@unitn.it - Tel. +39 0461 28 3084)

An emergency service is available: only in case of emergency you can contact the MEG Physicist (Dr. Davide Tabarelli) at personal mobile +39 348 742 81 36.



MEG users mailing list


A mailing list for active MEG users as well as MEG-interested researchers has been created with following address: meg-users@list.cimec.unitn.it. The purpose of the list is to:

  • Announce news (also problems in the lab / data analysis pipelines)
  • Promote discussions
  • Share solutions to problems
  • Announce updates to the wiki
  • Announce upcoming MEG-user meetings
  • many more things

You can ask to be included in the MEG Users mailing list, writing an email with your project ID to Leah Mercanti.



MEG user Meetings


The MEG core staff, on a rregular basis and/or on users demand, organizes MEG User meetings. These are intended as informal meetings aimed at presenting new projects (PPM), discussing results and progress of existing projects with the community and, in general, being updated on MEG research.

In particular the purposes of the meetings is to:

  • Discuss and announce lab relevant aspects (e.g. new tools, software etc)
  • Discuss new projects in an informal setting
  • Discuss pilot data from current studies
  • Discuss data analysis strategies
  • ... and many things more.


Meetings are announced via the MEG users mailing list. To schedule a meeting or for particular requests contact the MEG core team.




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