Experimental Psychology Labs (EPL)

Faculty coordinator: Veronica Mazza

Technician in charge: Massimo Vescovi


Access rules


To access EPL, researchers submit a Research proposal form (link) to the Faculty coordinator and the technician in charge, specifying the names of the researchers involved and documenting the approval of the project by the Ethics Committee of the University of Trento, if required by the project (essential for EEG lab). The researchers also have to get in contact with the technician in charge before setting up their experiment.

To use the Eye tracking equipment and for the Kinematics Lab, the researchers have to undergo a brief training with an expert user.

For the EEG Lab, only independent users can conduct EEG recordings. When submitting the project to the Ethics Committee, each P.I. must indicate the name of the independent user (already in the list of independent users, or to be trained to this purpose), who will be in charge of all the EEG procedures in the lab for the project. Normally undergraduate students cannot be independent users. To become independent users, researchers have to follow a training, which consists in assisting a variable number of EEG recording sessions conducted by independent users of the lab. The faculty coordinator or a technician delegated will then assist one EEG recording session conducted by the researchers to verify their independence.

To get access to and use the labs, researchers must:

1) pass the “Course on Health and Safety in the workplace” (https://didatticaonline.unitn.it/ateneo/) of the University of Trento, as per the national legislation;

2) demonstrate the knowledge of the the general regulation and any additional regulation adopted for a specific lab and comply with  them (link regolamenti).

Users is provide with an electronic device (deposit required) to access to the laboratories and have to book the various facilities using the booking system of the CIMeC.

To access to any university and CIMeC services users are required first to activate a valid profile in the Academic Database (you can find the request form here ADA EN-ADA IT and send it to the CIMeC secretariat).  Therefore any of the above procedures is subject to activate a valid profile in the Academic Database.


Regulations and forms





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